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Human Food Odyssey is based in Sydney, Australia.

(And that’s important!)

We are a part of our environment.

The law of nature is that, in order to flourish, first, you need to know what environment you are in and how you can best adapt to it.

As civilisation goes on, we seem to be more disconnected to our environment than ever. Unfortunately, we seem to perceive environment and us as separate entities now.

At HFO, when sourcing our ingredients, we first consider what Australian land and sea provide.

Human Food Odyssey uses local fresh produce for a few reasons:

The produces hold optimal level of nutrients.

Our consumers get to eat in tune with seasons.

It reduces unnecessary storage and transport of produces like they do at supermarkets.


On the land of Australia, there are ancient plants that have been here for millions of years, way before humans. They have successfully survived through endless environmental changes. They are valuable assets of information when it comes to evolution. These wild, resilient edible plants are packed full of antioxidants and other nutrients that outshine most engineered vegetables and fruits we normally consume.

Every single HFO meal contains Australian native ingredients.

We can’t miss out on the good stuff!

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