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Future Proof Eating

Human Food Odyssey’s premium meals are built on climate diet approach.

We focus on plant-rich meals, whole foods & native Australian ingredients while reducing meat & foods that are ultra-processed and out of season.

The goal is to improve human health while reducing carbon footprint, improving biodiversity and fighting climate change.


In order to continue thriving on this earth in which we are a part of, we must put conserving our planet first before anything.


To better adapt & flourish in our environment, we should understand Australia’s climate, land & sea and native foods.

Energy Consumption Management

Human body is a system that runs on energy input & output as well as quality of energy source. HFO provides tailored meal program for individuals with the most efficient form of energy.

Human Health

Thanks to scientific knowledge we have now, equipping ourselves with a diet that is rich in plants, whole foods, organic & local are prioritised than foods that contain animal products from intensive animal farming, ultra-processed and out-of-season.

We, as humans have a lot to improve towards sustainability and HFO wants to make it easy & convenient for you!

1. Get your weekly meal program.

2. Simply heat up your meals.

3. Dispose responsibly.

1. Get your weekly meal program.

2. Simply heat up your meals & enjoy.

Depending on your appliance and preference, shorter or longer time may be needed.

3. Dispose responsibly.

A few simple steps for your environment in which you a part of.

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