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Our Odyssey

Close to a decade, Suji Yoo and Alessandro Ranieri have been working as personal trainers and health coaches. Realising how individual-focused and short-sighted the fitness industry is, the pioneers wanted to introduce a lifestyle that values environmentalism and a sustainable diet that allows humanity to work with the environment and maintain healthy bodies.

Originating from different countries, the pair was able to see Australia with fresh eyes. Fascinated by the magnificent land, sea and the undiscovered native bush foods, Suji and Alessandro hoped to elevate the under-appreciated foods of Australia with the added essentiality of sustainability to conserve the Earth the they best can.

With the help of nutrition, environmental science and medical experts, the founders started an odyssey of best food for humans.

Our Approach

Human Food Odyssey’s premium meals are built on climate diet to “future-proof” our bodies by improving human health in parallel with reducing carbon footprint, improving biodiversity and fighting climate change.

Our Mission

Our mission is to revolutionise the way we consume energy and push human evolution towards ecological equilibrium.

Our Values


Human Food Odyssey hopes to future-proof humanity with climate diet.

Human Food Odyssey meals are for anyone in Sydney who wants premium personalised meal program, anyone who wishes to think differently and eat consciously and anyone who wants to equipped their health with climate diet.

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