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Human Food Odyssey’s climate diet approach puts sustainability at the forefront of our service.

On Demand

We take weekly orders and make the meals on-demand based on your calorie need.

This means no grocery and no calorie waste.

The ingredients

Our ingredients are sourced from sustainable farming practices such as organic and regenerative farming. All of our ingredients are Australian (90% from NSW) and seasonal.

Kitchen operation

HFO kitchen runs on low-waste operation. We buy whole foods, reducing packaging waste. We design our recipes to use every part of the ingredients and the little that’s left is composted, to close the cycle. We only cook with the highest-grade stainless steel equipments at our kitchen. No need to worry about nasty PFOAS and the likes!


HFO meals are mostly plant-based in response to excessive meat consumption from intensive animal farming and we are always on the hunt for innovative and sustainable source of protein. Stay tuned for exciting new meals!


Our meal trays and sealing films are compostable. No single use plastic is used at HFO headquarter. The meal sleeves, stickers, delivery boxes are entirely recyclable. We also encourage our customers to give back their delivery box when they receive the next order. We will sanitise and repurpose it for their next delivery.

Future proof eating & climate diet

All in all, HFO is designed to future-proof our customers bodies and conserve the environment they live in.

We hope to lower carbon footprint, improve biodiversity and fight climate change. We want to build more resilient humanity.

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